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  1. Hi Kayla,

    There’s a lot that is good about this essay. It’s breadth and attention to detail, including reference to specific quotations is perfect.

    The area to work on is linking this to the question in that everything you say needs to be explicitly brought into the context of a conversation about how literature provides us access to the ‘big ideas’ in society. You can do this by explaining how Orwell is doing that in the text – what big ideas are being addressed and what is he saying about them?

    The links to the Handmaid’s Tale read a bit too much like you’re also answering on that text – those references can be broader and use it to answer the question – ie. it’s another text that helps us address the bigger ideas in society, which is a core function of a dystopia.

    Let me know if this doesn’t help.

    You gained an Excellence for your Significant Connections piece.



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